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Zook Houses
Zook Houses

I grew up in Hinsdale, Illinois and was accustomed to occasionally encountering a house which could only be described as different.  The odd rooflines might remind you of a house from Hansel and Gretel.  Or the cast-iron spider motifs near the front door might suggest that Halloween had gone year-around.

Kevin Bejcek, a high school classmate, wanted to publicize which of these Zook houses are still around and which have been torn down.  Gordon Imrie, another high school classmate, got me a bunch of pictures and descriptions of the Zook houses in Hinsdale and sent them along.

Here is a short biography of R. Harold Zook.

Here are all the pictures of the Zook houses.  Click on each page to see the next page.

Burns Field

North Hinsdale

South Hinsdale

Central Hinsdale

Zook's House


Demolished Houses