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John Knox went to Walker School and Hinsdale Jr. High but transferred to Howe Military School in Indiana for High School. John was my best friend and was a fixture at our house in Naperville during his last 8 years.

In the early '80's, John was diagnosed with Hodgkins, and through chemotherepy and other treatments, went into complete remission. During one of his treatments, he had been given a unit of blood that turned out to be tainted with Hepititus C virus. It can remain in your system with no symptoms for many years. It began to cause him liver problems at the spring of '98.

He informed Carolynn and I of it in May, said goodbye to us and his many friends at a party at his sister Deb's (class of 68) house in September, and he passed away on Veterans Day '98. He is at Bronswood Cemetary in Oak Brook.

John had been married but divorced about 8 years ago. He kept his house in Wheaton, and in the end, chose to be there when he passed, with his family at his side.

Because of John, we have continued a close relationship with his sister Deb and her husband John as well as a fine lady friend from Cleveland who was with him during his last few years. We miss him terribly.

Bobb Nagel